This is what it's all about, FAMILY.

This is my family, (I'm the one in the middle wearing the black shirt) we like to have fun and get a little silly but that is what life is all about, making memories with the ones you love. 
When I photograph a couple for their first dance as Husband and Wife, it is amazing how much love is visible in every gesture and glance they make towards each other. 

The best part is, that is just the beginning, as your family grows so does the love in that family. It is my incredible honor to be able to capture those moments for you.

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photography Wedding Photographer Packages
professional wedding photographer
photographyWedding Photographer Packages
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A little about stephen alexander and alexanders Studios

Dana said... 
I cannot imagine us going with any other photographer. We got in touch with Alexander Studios late in the game (about a month before our wedding) after about 8 cold calls to other photographers, and luckily he was free. He worked with me every step of the way in terms of packages, price, and the kind of photography we really wanted at our wedding. He was always diligent in answering calls and emails, and was incredibly flexible in terms of what we wanted. He made our wedding (a simple backyard affair) look absolutely magical, and captured some amazing candids of everyone just loving our reception. They are pictures and fond memories I will look on for years to come.

ph. 919-830-8395

I have been in love with Photography since my teenage years. Fashion photography was my first love and that is what ignited my passion for photography. My goal has always been to do more then simply capture an image but to capture the very essence of the moment. I want you the viewer to not only see an image but I want you experience the emotion of ​the moment and the day. Every moment can become a special one, my goal is to capture those special moments for you so you can enjoy them for a life time.  If you really want to know what I do, look at my photos, it's all about people. Capturing the emotional and passion of a day, or a moment. Photography is not a job or occupation, it is a passion and an art form in which every photograph is special. Capturing those special moments for people is an
incredible honor.

Located in Raleigh, NC, however there are no boundaries to keep me from capturing your special day, New York, L.A. Tampa, San Fransisco, wherever that may be.  
​I am ready to help make your special day a memorable one.
Stephen Alexander